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Building a Program

PostPosted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:02 am
by Commissioner
Bacari thought that this interview with Buzz Williams was worth posting on his twitter feed, so it may be worth listening to as we watch Bacari work to rebuild the Titans. ... inia-tech/.

This is a crucial year. Bacari brought in a solid recruiting class, but hasn't shown that he can recruit players without some unique, hard to duplicate pre-existing relationship. (BTW, Williams makes the point in this podcast that he tries to avoid using the terms "recruit" and "recruiting.") We need to see progress on the court, and we certainly can't be losing to D-II teams, even exhibitions. We can't be losing players to academic difficulties. Attendance needs to recover to at least where it was during Ray's worst attended years.There are no more excuses--the only holdovers from the prior regime are McFolley and Blackshear. This is Bacari's team.

BTW, Williams was 11-22 his 1st year at Tech. He won 20 games his second year and made the NCAA tournament his third (last year).