Titans in national stats

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Titans in national stats

Postby Commissioner » Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:24 pm

From the NCAA Stats (a good time to do this since we just padded all our stats with Siena Heights):

Titans are 5th in the nation in scoring offense. Virginia Tech is first.
Unfortunately, we are 342nd in scoring defense.

Titans are 33rd in free throw percentage.

We are 13th in steals per game.
30th in turnover margin.

Here are surprising ones:
We are 36th in assist/turnover ratio
39th in assists per game.

43rd in 3 point field goals per game, but just 147th in three point percentage.

62nd in Offensive rebounds.
340th in fouls (yuck).

Jackson is 56th in 3 point attempts--not good for a guy averaging 25.5%.
Jackson is 67th in assists per game.
Jackson is 33rd in free throw percentage
Jackson is 17th in steals per game

Chatman is 80th in rebounding.
Chatman is 97th in field goal percentage

Allen is 97th in scoring average.
Allen is 94th in 3 point field goals
Allen is 36th in 3 point field goal percentage

McFolley is 87th in steals per game.
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Re: Titans in national stats

Postby NC Titan » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:53 pm

Commissioner wrote:
Titans are 5th in the nation in scoring offense. Virginia Tech is first.
Unfortunately, we are 342nd in scoring defense.

It's a challenge to be high in each of those categories. Scoring offense implies a running game, which implies both teams scoring a lot.
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Re: Titans in national stats

Postby MooseGuy1 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:22 pm

Commish, I feel good about the FT%. This was a problem last year (at least that's my perception without checking the stats).

It's a mixed bag overall but there are definately some items that give us hope. Chatman looks to be our best familial aquisition so far. McFolley and Allen appear to be improving as the season goes on. As for Jackson, I've already made some snide comments that I regret. He's young and this is a huge step up from high school. He should improve as the game at this level slows down for him. I wish him the best.

But, honestly, we have to find some kind of defense. This team gives up way too many points. They score a lot, too. Both are probably a natural byproduct of pacing.

Thanks for posting this.
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