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Everything Luncheon 1-17-2017

PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:43 pm
by JDetroitTitan
The Pizza and salad was good. The attendance was low but what is expected when the AD misses out. My favorite line during the luncheon was BA "... I can make hot air look sexy..." . BA yes you can but can you make these players look like division one talent is the true test. I will say this, it take a lot to get up to the podium and face that crowd of grey heads after the start of this season and spin it to bring hope to everyone. My feeling is still the same with BA he still needs another year but it will be hard to have hope if we finish on a bad note at the end of the year. This Saturday I would like it to be played as one of those must win games. That mean bring out the kitchen sink in the play book and if these men don't follow the game plan I expect another seven game suspension on BA for the tongue lashing he give his players in the timeout huddle.