Titans drew 1257 people on Sunday

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Titans drew 1257 people on Sunday

Postby JimmyChitwood » Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:06 pm

Let's take our minds off of hoops for a minute. Step away from the cliff. Take a deep breath. Its a game. The sun will rise. We will eventually get better.

All is not so dreary for Titan athletics. The men lacrosse team drew 1,257 outside at Wisner stadium in Pontiac on Sunday against Ohio State, and lost by 1 after leading going into the 4th quarter. It was a crazy weekend at Wisner: on Friday #19 Marquette beat #6 OSU and the Titans handled Bellarmine fairly easily. On Sunday, Bellarmine beat Marquette in 2 OTs and the Titan almost beat OSU. The Titans have hung with some very good teams this year and should be in good shape for the conference.

Ok. There. Back to basketball. FIRE the bums. Move to a better conference. Lets hope OU fires Kampe so we can get him. CBs appeal was granted for his 10th year of eligibility.
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Re: Titans drew 1257 people on Sunday

Postby Commissioner » Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:42 pm

And hey, the fencers continue to do well. The men placed 6th of 21 mens' teams at the Midwest Fencing Conference Championship the weekend before this last, behind Ohio State, Michigan, Lawrence University (not Lawrence Tech), Wayne State, and Chicago (and ahead of Michigan State, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue, and of course Oakland, amongst others). The women were 10th of 20 womens' squads. The combined score left the Titans in 10th, still not bad.

NCAA Regional in Cleveland this weekend.

Epee! Sabre!
Foil! Foil! Foil!
Gooooo Fencers!
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Re: Titans drew 1257 people on Sunday

Postby Resurget Cineribus » Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:02 pm

And our football team is undefeated since 1964, when we (and many other primarily Catholic universities) decided not to compete with the EMUs, WMUs, CMUs of the world who were able to throw taxpayers money on sports.
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