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Athletics (Dave DeBuscherre type Dinner)

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2018 11:25 pm
It seems a lot of people like to talk, why not as boosters, supporters, alumni, fans we actually do something? Even if you don't want to support Athletics right now because of Vowels, how about we organize an old school Dave DeBusscherre type of dinner and invite the President, AD and board of trustees and discuss athletics let it be known that we care about the school and specifically athletics, see what the plan is to get us back to being competitive and maybe get an answer as to what in the heck is going on behind the scenes. If you don't like the plan after the event let it be known to the President or Board of Trustees about that (lets try to keep it civil). I don't know how to do the poll thing on here, but if we can set up yes I would be interested to attend event like this or no I am not that would be great, if there is a ton of interest I will do some grunt work on trying to organize it, I heard the Titan Club board was thinking of organizing a dinner, maybe we can piggy back off that. Heck Ill throw $500 to $1000 just to organize the dinner and maybe offset some costs and help get as many supporters there as I can to get things moving in the right direction.

I know we are all fed up about what is going, so instead of retreating from a school and program we love, lets take it head on and get to the bottom of what is going on at Calihan Hall.