My Incentive Pledge to Improve Athletics

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My Incentive Pledge to Improve Athletics

Postby DetroitBASKETBALL » Sun May 13, 2018 11:38 pm

Carrot sometimes is better than the stick.
In another thread I outlined that I made it clear to the President and AD what it would take to get more support from me for athletics, more competitive teams. So I am pledging that I will give an amount to any team which makes it to their respective conf championship or finish number 2 on the season, if a team wins a conference regular season championship they get a higher amount and if they yet win the conf. tournament and head to NCAAs that team will get yet a higher dollar amount as a reward to the coaches and student athletes the additional support as a thank you. So if Athletics is in bad shape I shouldn't have to pay out too much and conversely they don't get as much, but if they want more support than they need to improve things. Ill keep a tally for the year and if anyone wants to join even with a $5 pledge that would be cool just to see if maybe we light something under the Athletic Department to improve. When I send in my check I will have a detailed outline of why each team received the support that they did.

(uofdmik2008 gave me the idea below, he does something like this with his CAL CLUB donation each year)

$250 for beating a ranked opponent
$250 for finishing 2nd in conf during regular season or making it to the Conf Championship game
$500 for winning the conf. championship
$1000 for winning NCAA Tournament game/meet
$10,000 if they win a national championship :roll:

$250 to Men's LAX for finishing 2nd in regular season
$500 to Women's LAX for winning regular season championship
$750 to Men's Tennis ($500 winning regular season championship and $250 for going to the conf. championship)

I don't like where we are right now, I made it clear to the President and Board, I suggest you do too, but I also pledged support to Athletics if they make the right moves so they know that there are people out there that care and will support athletics if the school takes a better focus on it. Engage with the developement office and make it know that you would support Athletics if changes are made. Do something more productive than typing bump every day on this discussion board on a fire Vowels Thread, I believe the President and Board of Trustees do not read this discussion board, so engage with them.

In order to be competitive I was asked by development office to help with funds for lights for the field, so I pitched in there to help the students. There is a savings to athletics of 250k per year with the lights, better experience for all students on campus to be able to use the track and field after the sun goes down and recruitment of better student athletes, better environment for night time games, lets hope it works, so that I will be writing bigger checks to athletics, the lights will also be here well after Vowels is gone to benefit students. The lights project will be highlighted in the next Spiritus Magazine and I believe 2/3 of the funds have already been raised.
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Re: My Incentive Pledge to Improve Athletics

Postby ptctitan » Mon May 14, 2018 3:38 am


And I agree strongly with your post in the when will the new coach be hired thread. I have also indicated to the school that I am willing to step up for Athletics in a significant way for the lights and other projects. I have spoken directly to Garibaldi in person. He reiterated a strong commitment to excellence in D-1 sports. Beyond the lights and other outside necessities, Vowels' plans for Calihan Hall improvements are fantastic. You would want to come to the new Titan Club hours before the game. For the first time in a very long time, the school's current capital campaign slices out a sizable chunk of the monies for Athletics. That came from high up in the Fisher Admin bldg after prodding from Vowels. Everything planned is consistent with the facilities of a top-tier Division 1 program.

I understand fully the need for better communication. IMO, you hire the right person to handle that aspect of the AD's duties. I do not expect to know every detail of the current selection process. This includes the names of the candidates or the reasons why they decided not to pursue the job any further. I still remember our version of Josh McDaniel when Don Haskins quit after participating in his introductory press conference as the new coach so he could return to Glory Road. So, the frustration of a coach search is not a new thing here.
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Re: My Incentive Pledge to Improve Athletics

Postby dennycrane » Mon May 14, 2018 3:47 pm

I think you know better than most of us, pct, that the Don Haskins situation was 49 years ago, and except for it's protracted length, was not at all like the present circumstances we find ourselves in. Then, with a HOF talent on the roster, we could attract a name coach who had won the national championship a few years earlier, though he ultimately backed out. Today, we compete in the approximate bottom tenth of all Division 1 teams after two seasons of near historic ineptness. We are mismanaged to such an extent that 2-3 more such seasons are in the offing, thanks to the loss of talent and failure to replace it. There is a timeliness issue as it pertains to the NLI subject, one which has been completely disregarded by management. The result is that any new coach takes over with handcuffs on.

Nor do we have time to fiddle. This program is teetering badly compared with just 5 years ago. Fans stayed away this season and who knows whether they will come back. Meanwhile, grand proclamations are made regarding commitments to excellence and fantastic improvements at the arena. It's all quite difficult to believe, I would say.
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Re: My Incentive Pledge to Improve Athletics

Postby ptctitan » Mon May 14, 2018 4:02 pm

The Haskins situation is similar in that we thought we had him and then we did not. Also, the alumni and fan base were very divided then over Will Robinson vs him. Haskins was early in his career and not necessarily a HOF coach when the incident occurred. Bronkema may or may not become a good D1 coach. That is all I meant by my post.
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