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Re: Appeal

Postby Commissioner » Fri Oct 25, 2019 2:19 pm

upbasketballfan wrote:
titanmike wrote:
Tacitus651 wrote:I just don’t see the NCAA nudging on this one. They’ve been more lenient in recent years with individual players and waivers to accommodate student athletes, but not so much with appeals and waivers from schools themselves.

You can say that the penalties punish kids who had nothing to do with the violations or APR in this case, but I think the rules were designed rightly or wrongly with that in mind. Ultimately, we hired a bad coach who himself was in the spotlight by allegedly verbally abusing a player, and so from the outside looking in it appears we let a man create a toxic environment where young men couldn’t get their college degrees. JJJ and JB enrolling at LIU helps our case, but I’ll be shocked if we win.

Of what I know or have been told however only one of the kids who BA brought in, struggled academically. Those kids who could of gotten degrees, JJJ and JB both had excellent GPA's.

Jalen Gibson was also Bakari's and he would still be on the books.

Gibson was recruited by Ray. He was dismissed from the team along with Paris Bass after spring term 2016 (I assume both failed academically).
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Re: Appeal

Postby titanmike » Fri Oct 25, 2019 4:01 pm

Incorrect, Jalen was Ray's and was dismissed by Bacari. In answer to UP.
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