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Postby joe btzfxyk » Tue Oct 22, 2019 12:47 pm

Brian Boyle here, class of '62. Yes I go all the way back to the Dave DeBusschere, Charlie North, Tom Morgan era - our first and perhaps biggest and best front line. I think I saw every home game and even a couple on the road during those years. The games I couldn't get to I listened to on the radio. After I graduated, I started a family and had other priorities. However, when Vitale came on board, Denny Flynn rallied most of us latent followers to again become active. I joined up. Maybe some of you remember me from those days? I've been as frustrated as most of you are about our BB complacency and watching former League members move on to bigger conferences while we remain a charter ember in a conference that keeps regressing in overall basketball quality.
But there is hope. There are rumblings from the highest levels of the University that a new BB commitment is in the works, but they need our help. I think some of those rumors have been cited on this board. There is going to be a push to elevate the BB program to a very competitive level with the understanding , if successful, it will attract more new students. The hiring of Coach Davis was the first step in that direction. Now they believe that under Davis it is possible to increase attendance at the games, and also increase funding by playing Power 5 & 6 teams on the road as Davis did at Texas Southern. I know, words are cheap and we all would like to see results before we increase our financial support for the program. Therefore, I am making a PLEDGE to the Athletic Department contingent on their results before I kick in any more funding.
Last BB year (2018-2019) the mens' basketball team averaged 1,841 in paid attendance for all your home games. For the 2019-2020 season and for the next 4 seasons beyond that, I will increase my financial contribution to the Athletic Department by the same percentage you increase paid attendance to the mens' basketball games up to a maximum of 15% per season. If you increase attendance at least 15% per year for five years, with the power of compounding, your paid attendance would be close to 3,700. At $10.00 a ticket, and after subtracting the 1,841 base you started with, you would gross an additional $18,600 per year at a minimum. In addition, after the same 5 years, a $1,000 suporter would be contributing just over $2,000. Now if we could get just ten $1,000 contributors to do the same that would add another $10,000 to your gross. So now you would be at about $28,600. Increase ticket prices another 20% to $12.00 along the way and sell more concessions, etc., it could add up to an increase of close to $50,000 in the fifth year and each year thereafter.
RECRUITING: I think you have already hired the right Coach. Now it is up to him to produce the players he needs to WIN the Horizon League Tournament and advance to the NCAA Tourney (More revenue to the University), but you MUST GIVE HIM ALL THE SUPPORT HE NEEDS TO RECRUIT. It is WINNING that will put people in the seats and provide invaluable exposure and recognition for the University and increase overall student applications.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the above proposal. Brian Boyle, Sarasota, FL
joe btzfxyk
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Postby Big Chuck » Tue Oct 22, 2019 2:24 pm

I thank you for your past contributions and admire that you are considering an increase.

Your numbers are wrong, $18K per game increase, not season. So the results are much larger than you project. In addition, you did not assume any increase in enrollment due to the successful BB program. That is where the real money is.

Your plea is that we have to do something to make the program able to succeed. Then you outline a plan to increase donations five years in the future. We need the funds now. As a successful individual you know that you have to spend (invest) money to be successful. We need money to invest now in order to reap the rewards in the future. You think as I do that Davis is a coach to lead us out of the doldrums of past years. Then let's give him the tools to succeed now. I am not a big donor to Men's BB, but do support the department. There is not a lot of assets available to improve the facilities now. We can compete in the HL, but that is not what we want to do. We want to dominate so we have options for the future.

May I suggest another option for you and hopefully others. Move up the donations at your current rate. For example. If you give $5,000 per year, consider giving three years this year ($15,000). Then make the pledge to INCREASE the donation in the future based on the increased attendance. So if we increase the max next year write the check for an ADDITIONAL $750. Year 2 and ADDITIONAL $887.50 etc. That give the incentive you want while addressing the immediate need. I don't know your situation, maybe you can't do 3 year, consider 2 years. Maybe you can do 5 years now. The same goes for the others out there. Coach is not asking for anything extravagant, just the basics. He has shown imagination in making doing a lot with little funds. Let's give him a chance.
Big Chuck
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Postby ptctitan » Tue Oct 22, 2019 3:47 pm

Hi Brian,

Last season, the 1841 average home attendance figure represented a 48% increase over the same figure in the previous season. And our 2044 average attendance per Horizon League home game represented a 55% increase in attendance over the same figure in 2017-18. Our 4 non-conference home games averaged 1384.

So, why don't you start by increasing your donation to men's BB this year by at least 50%? Under your theory, wouldn't the program deserve to start with the 2017-18 average home attendance as the base? And wouldn't AD Vowels merit your pledge this year for increasing home attendance in one year by a factor equal to three years of your proposal? Just asking.
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