The State of The University Versus Men’s Basketball

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The State of The University Versus Men’s Basketball

Postby EarlTheTwirl » Fri Feb 21, 2020 11:43 am

As disappointed as I am with our basketball program for the last 5+ years,
I have to say that I’m really pleased with the state of the University of Detroit
Mercy as a whole. With the announcement of the expanded student/welcome center,
the tearing down of Fisher and Reno, the expansion of the campus to Puritan (finally)
and the new dormitory, it has been years since so much money has been put into improving
the campus. In addition, with the conclusion of the successful
capital campaign and (soon to be) launch of a new one targeting more facility improvements (including Calihan),
I’m really happy with the progress of the University. With the endowment increasing and neighborhood improving,
there is a lot to be excited about. And various colleges have been recognized nationally for their accomplishments,
notably accounting and architecture.

Yes, I love our athletic programs and want us to have a fan base and success like so many other private universities,
buts it is way more important that the University thrive and we’ve come a long way from some tough financial days back in the 80s. I also think the more we invest and improve, the more people and companies and foundations will invest is us. I also hope that a big Detroit company will endow their name on Calihan and be the impetus for the investments we need in our athletic facilities. How about The Rocket Mortgage Detroit Arena!!
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