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Re: Games 7 & 8 - Versus Oakland

PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 5:51 pm
by The-Dude
Grizz strongly closing out the first half and leading.

Re: Games 7 & 8 - Versus Oakland

PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 8:34 pm
by Dick Vitale
Improved performance from yesterday but still not much to say at this time.

Re: Games 7 & 8 - Versus Oakland

PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 11:19 pm
by Rogobob77
From the Detroit News:

'Huge step for us': Rashad Williams plays hero as Oakland sweeps Detroit Mercy in weekend series ... 053897001/

Re: Games 7 & 8 - Versus Oakland

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 11:28 pm
by JDetroitTitan
Couple of observations on game two:
-OU plays in the gray area with their "screens or is the guy moving into place I don't know" The second half I noticed OU setting back screens to open up shooters in the corner. It appeared to me a number of moving screens or was the guy just moving into position I guess it didn't bother the ref.

-We have better players then OU but OU players play there system much better. There players do a better job at setting up shooters for a catch an shoot.

-Titan are still not boxing guys out on the rebounds. They get into there position but don't box out. Buay Koka I noticed did that a couple of time causing OU to get the board. The size and length we have we should be destroy OU on the boards.

-Kampe put Jordan rules on AD. They forced AD to only drive far right from the 9:33 mark on first half till the end of the game except for one drive were he started far right then crossed over went left. AD was unsuccessful every drive far right from the 9:33 mark to the end except for the crossover . OU would carrel him into a defender at the end to trap, strip or block his shot. AD could of done a long pass a couple of times to a wide open wing player. AD on drives was 2-12 for making offence he made one teardrop shot and got an assist to Matt but 12 time came up empty handed. Two times he drove on the left side (50% success rate on the left side) and 10 times on the right.

-AD Drive results: 1 made shot, 1 assist, 3 turn overs, 2 block shoots, 1 missed shoot (tough shoot), 3 overthrown pass and 1 good pass that hit a wide open player that missed his shot.

-AD plays much better as a sg then point at this point of his career. As pg he still has sg mentality (trying to just set himself up first all the time and only passes to bail himself out). I believe AD is much more productive as sg then pg. I believe his shooting percentage will go up because he is a better catch and shoot three point shooter. Look at how AD and Mcfolly played together. From the guys that are in the rotation the closes thing I see to that duo is Noah and AD. Yes, I know it sounds crazy a 6'10" guy but he has range, he can slash and move the offense (he was pg in high school). It would make a crazy match up problem up top. But the problem is Q is mainly a slasher along with rose. Rose has show some range but has a slow shot that would not work as well up to next to AD.

-AD shot looked great beyond the arch (50%)!!! Hope to see more of this.

-In the end we played better this game than the first game. The problem is that we have a whole new starting line up this year with guys that never played with each other and it shows right now. If we can get this team up to par we could make a good run in the HL tournament.

One last shot at OU:
-OLADAPO back screened then grabbed Willy's arm to make him not to be able to contest a shot at 6:02 minutes in the second half. Its nice to know Kampe is still getting away with his players playing dirty. Two years ago they fouled AD from braking a record on there court yet the ref missed all but one of those called. Just read the news article were they admitted hitting his elbow but AD only had one foul called beyond the arch.