virtual roundball playoff edition

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virtual roundball playoff edition

Postby titanmac » Mon Mar 01, 2021 12:24 pm

anyone get a chance to attend this mornings zoom conference?
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Re: virtual roundball playoff edition

Postby TerryTylerFan » Mon Mar 01, 2021 5:02 pm

Some highlights from this morning...
- Asked about Antoine’s big game, Coach said he’s having fun and that Fraser has been a big help taking away some of the point guard pressure
- He prefers older guys vs high school recruits to fill recruiting priorities for next year (point guard, post player, big shooting wing), as the team is ready to compete at a high level with just a few new players who can play immediately. The team’s recent success and the play of this year’s transfers should be a big help in recruiting
- NKU’s matchup zone hurt Antoine last year, but having Bul, Noah and Matt will help. The team has been working more and more on their zone offense. On a side note, they hadn’t done much zone offense work prior to the first two unscheduled OU games, as there weren’t any zone-heavy teams scheduled until later
- Compliance Director Steve Corder joined the call and gave information on the transfer portal. Next year, teams can go beyond the scholarship limit by the number of of seniors that stay for another year. Steve said he would answer questions sent to him
- Noah joined the call at the end and took several questions and seemed to enjoy it. He’s one of 9 siblings and has great family support; he has always been a guard, even after growing from a 6’2” sophomore to a 6’11” senior; he’s not sure what his hairstyle will be tomorrow; Antoine is “insanely good”; his favorite player is Kevin Durant; he is “real happy” that Coach said he will be a guard always next year
- Coach Davis said these meetings are good for him, he hasn’t smiled so much since he’s been here
- Thanks to PJ Gradowski, who does a great job running the show
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