2012 Attendance

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2012 Attendance

Postby Commissioner » Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:41 pm

The NCAA finally has 2012 attendance figures out. The Titans clocked in at 2272 per home game, 198th of 344. That is a decline of 202 per game, or 8.2 percent, from 2011, when we ranked 181st. And we were dead last in the Horizon. This is despite a reasonably attractive non-conference home schedule that included Western Michigan, St. John's and Mississippi State.

Here are recent numbers for UD:
2012: 2272
2011: 2474
2010: 2536
2009: 1893
2008: 1947
2007: 2312
2006: 2343
2005: 2449
2004: 2514
2003: 2600

Obviously the trend the last two years is disappointing, given that we've been winning. Undoubtedly last year's slow start hurt a lot. The NAIA opponents simply have got to go, they don't draw, and by the time we had our first Division I home game we were 1-4 against Division I competition; we were 1-6 against Division I by the time St. John's and Western Michigan hit Calihan in December. I really hope if we're going to play these non-Division I teams we'll start playing Wayne State or Hillsdale or Hope, which might draw better.

Anyway, this year we start with another handicap, which is losing our top conference draw, Butler. Hopefully we'll have one of the Michigan MAC schools on the schedule, which are usually good draws, but maybe not. Beyond that, we'll have to see - and hope for a much better start.

Here are Horizon league numbers for last season and percentage increase or decrease from 2011:
1. Butler 6599 (-8.1%)
2. Milwaukee 4154 (0.0%)
3. Wright St. 3903 (-18.6%)
4. Valparaiso 3383 (+0.6%)
5. Cleveland State 3260 (+4.8%)
6. Green Bay 3064 (+1.9%)
7. UIC 2934 (-5.3%)
8. Youngstown St. 2485 (+9.9%)
9. Loyola 2277 (-6.2%)
10. Detroit 2272 (-8.2%)

Overall, Horizon average attendance was 3527, down 0.4% from 3541 a year ago. That put the Horizon 14th among 32 conferences, down from 13th a year ago.

Here are Michigan schools:
1. Michigan St. 14,797 (0.0%)
2. Michigan 11,436 (+7.5%)
3. Oakland 3346 (-19.0%)
4. Hope 3259 (+15.6%)
5. Western Michigan 2745 (-2.1%)
6. Detroit 2272 (-8.2%)
7. Calvin 1397 (-22.0%)
8. Central Michigan 1362 (-49.0%)
9. Eastern Michigan 1200 (+15.7%)

Hope was #1 and Calvin #4 nationally in Division III attendance. Oakland was the second best draw in the Summit, after Oral Roberts. The top MAC team was Ohio U., at 6177. And check out that drop for CMU - one more reason Ziegler had to go.
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Re: 2012 Attendance

Postby MooseGuy1 » Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:00 pm

As disappointing as this is, it may be a much better year next season. Last year we stumbled out of the gate and any goodwill with the casual fan was lost early on. But we finished in the NCAA and that brought a buzz to the team. I think things could turn around this year. But, as you said, we have to have a meaningful D-1 game at home earlier in the season. Lake Erie, Madonna, Concordia, et al, just doesn't cut it. We didn't have a real home game until 12/1 with YSU. By then, Nick was hurt, Eli was a question mark, and we were 1-4 in our D-1 games. Things sputtered through the New Years with only the St. Johns game as a bright spot. But we finished strong and I heard more about the Titans from the media and from people who are not the rabid fans we are on this board. People noticed my "L6" hat and my Titans shirts and, I must say, that was very cool. The attention from the Tournament appearence has to translate well for the 2012-13 season. The key is getting some attractive early non-con match-ups at Calihan and winning big. If we falter early or can't schedule anything better than Concordia or Lake Erie, we'll lose the casual fan very fast. That said, I don't think this will happen. I'm hugely optimistic about this season. Everything points to a great year. GO TITANS!!! :D :D :D
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Re: 2012 Attendance

Postby baseball59 » Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:04 pm

my concern at this point is that we are having some difficulty scheduling good teams to play us at home becauseif we had even onegood team coming in there would be at least some rumors about that game.
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Re: 2012 Attendance

Postby ExcitedTitan » Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:19 am

I know for a fact that the off court problems costs us fans. Not just Eli's and PJ's problems last year, but it goes back over the past several years with X's attitude and suspensions, Blake disaster, other guys not making grades, not making it to campus after signing, coach clearing house with some replacements who didn't do any better, etc. I heard from several who were disgusted by all of this. People who came to every game 5-10 years ago are only coming down about half as much. That's not the only factor in our attendance figures, but it is one.
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Re: 2012 Attendance

Postby titanreggie » Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:18 pm

I hope that our fans and friends come to see OUR team play at the Hall. I hope our run to the Dance will encourage many more Titan alums to return and support the team by coming to the games [and that includes the Women's team which also had a great season]. I also hope we have gained many new friends who look to come out and see OUR TITANS play.

We should come to see the Titans play, regardless of the opponent, and I hope more fans do just that.
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