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Postby GoTitans » Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:59 pm

Father McNichols wrote:the Clerk said that as Michigan Bar member all you need to do is go onto this website


Put in your Bar Number and the case and you can pull up and access anything in the file "free of charge". Instead of whining for this information it can be pulled up 24/7!

I don't think that is accurate, but would love to be wrong. I only have a few cases in Wayne County, and the e-filing requirement is new there and not user friendly and full of bugs since it is new. As far as I can tell an attorney can only review the documents for cases in which they represent a party. That is the same for Oakland County. I don't think Macomb County has any documents online. I have tried to get documents from other cases in Wayne County to no avail.

The link provided above is the general court website. There is only a general search function, and when you find a case you can only see what has been filed, not the documents themselves. There is no place to put in our Bar Number that I can find. The e-fling service requires a password. Perhaps someone more familiar with the services may know, but as far as I know the only way an attorney can get a document for a case that he is not representing a party in is go to the basement of the courthouse like Father McNichols did.
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