Fundraising for Park

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Fundraising for Park

Postby AmenBrother » Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:51 am

Concert in the Park
Saturday, July 12, 2014-06-21 at 1:00 pm

Dad Butler Park
(behind Belmont Shopping Center at 8 Mile & Dequindre)

Fund Raising for Phase 2 of Dad Butler Park Revitalization Project.

Michael Butler was recruited to Detroit in 1927 to become a
trainer for University of Detroit football and baseball, and the Titan
track/boxing coach . He was a UDM - Gesu Catholic Church parishioner.

He was a man of his time and renowned sports leader for 50 years. In his memory and honor,
this Detroit park was named for him.
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Re: Fundraising for Park

Postby AmenBrother » Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:11 pm

Interesting history from an Oregon State mentioning Michael "Dad" Butler.

Knute Rockne was here - Oregon State University.
Conducting lectures in classrooms and demonstrations on the sawdust turf of old Bell Field, Rockne entertained coaches from across the West Coast itching for a chance to pick up a few pointers from the man responsible for building what was at time the best football program in America.

Rockne was at the height of his fame during his four-year stint in Corvallis. His 1919 and 1920 squads were unbeaten (he turned in five of these in his career). He had won a national championship in 1924 and would win one again in '29. In 1922 he introduced four running backs sportswriter Grantland Rice would later immortalize with the moniker, "The Four Horsemen." In 1925, his boys had crushed a good Stanford team in the Rose Bowl, 27-10.

Rockne loved a crowd and was both teacher and entertainer in his public appearances. It was his aim to impart a certain ethical attitude towards life, that is, the values young people should carry with them to ensure responsible citizenship. He rarely did an interview, write an article, or teach a coaches clinic without touching on the subject.

OSU in the 1920s was certainly not in the mainstream of America's football elite, a fact which begs the obvious question: why was Rockne in Corvallis, and not once but four times?

The full answer may never be known. However, it is almost certain much of his motivation was centered around three special friendships he had with members of the OSU coaching staff: Head Coach Paul Schissler, former Head Coach and Notre Dame football star Sam Dolan, and Head Track Coach and Trainer Michael "Dad" Butler.

Rockne and Schissler first met in 1923 when Schissler's Lombard College eleven lost a hard-fought game to Notre Dame, 14-0, and the only loss the future OSU coach would suffer at the small Illinois school of 350 students. Later, Rockne would write a letter of recommendation for Schissler for the Corvallis job, and when the Beavers traveled to New York to play New York University in Yankee Stadium in 1926, Rockne made a 200-mile roundtrip to visit Schissler's team during a mid-trip workout at Chicago's Soldier Field.

Sam Dolan, OSU head coach from 1911-13, was a star player for the Irish and was still well-known around his alma mater long after his departure. Rockne liked Dolan a lot, often referring to him as "Rosey."

"Dad" Butler knew Rockne as a boy and had actually coached the young man at the Chicago Athletic Club, where Butler was the manager. The likeable track coach would later leave OSU to go to Detroit where he was one of three ring-side judges at a 1939 Joe Louis world heavyweight championship fight in that city.
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