2017-2018 Horizon League Fulbright Data

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2017-2018 Horizon League Fulbright Data

Postby Tacitus651 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:32 pm

The Fulbright results for this academic year became available today. Basically, the Horizon Leage is as bad at producing Fulbright students as it is at playing basketball. The league produced 3 total winners. UIC produced 2 (it submitted 30 applications) and UW-Milwaukee produced 1 (they only submitted 3).

Fulbright does not disclose how many applications a university submitted unless the institution has at least 1 winner, so we'll never know what effort was truly made. Overall it's rather sad. Notably, this year, Butler produced 2, Dayton 2, Eastern Michigan 2. Even frickin' LeMoyne and Scranton each had 1! Portland punches well above their weight every single year and produced 5 on 23 applications which is incredible for a school its size.
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