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2018 Schedule

Postby GoTitans » Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:25 am

Some great "home" games this year. The most exciting are the Midwest Lacrosse Classic games at Wisner Stadium in Pontiac, which include:
2/24 Marquette, 7:00 pm, under the lights, and probably cold.
3/2 Bellarmine, 4:00pm
3/4 Ohio State, 2:00pm

The other teams also play each other on the 2nd and 4th for doubleheaders. We don't have enough bleachers at Titan Field to host, and we filled Ultimate Sports with big games there. Wisner should be a cool venue. I haven't been there since the old Boys Bowls in the 80s. Lacrosse is better outside. The lighting inside most places is poor.

We also play at Notre Dame on February 11. Its nice there because if the weather is poor they have an indoor field next to the lacrosse fields. We play Air Force at home again. Air Force recently got hit with some sanctions so we should win that one. We have 3 home MAAC games and finish the regular season with Cleveland State on 4/28.

As always, if you have never seen a lacrosse game in person, do yourself a favor and check one out. OSU and Marquette have very good teams.
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