Coach Kolon going pro

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Coach Kolon going pro

Postby JimmyChitwood » Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:21 pm

Non-lacrosse fans will probably have no clue, but there has been a lot of excitement in the past few months regarding professional field lacrosse. Prior to this year, the Major Lacrosse League (MLL) was the professional field lacrosse league (there is an indoor professional league as well - NLL). The players in the MLL played games on the weekends and most of the players had day jobs from stock brokers to carpenters to coaches.

Arguably, the biggest star in professional lacrosse history is Paul Rabil. He was the first lacrosse player to earn more than $1M with endorsements, etc. Wanting to make professional lacrosse a full time job for all the players, he tried to work with the MLL to increase pay, include benefits, reduce conflicts with indoor lacrosse, etc. No deal was reached. So Rabil, his brother and some big time investors decided to start their own professional league called the Professional Lacrosse League (PLL) with games starting this summer. With this league, the players would be paid "full time" salaries, get benefits, have an ownership in the league, have games on national TV, etc. To start, there would be six teams with no location attached to them. They will "tour" together to 12 cities throughout the summer (10 regular season games then 2 playoff weekends). Most of the best players from the MLL have signed on with the PLL, and they have even got a few greats out of retirement.

They have slowly been releasing info over the past many months about who the coaches will be, where they will play (Boston and NYC so far), and the names of the teams. They released the team names and logos the other day, all with cool logos and catch phrases (Whipsnakes, Redwoods, Chrome, Archers, Chaos,and Atlas).

Today they announced the coaches. Atlas will be coached by former UofM head coach John Paul, and Coach Kolon will be one of his assistants. So there is a strong connection to Michigan even though Detroit will not be part of the tour this year, I believe. I think the closest we get is Chicago. They prefer to play in 20,000ish stadiums, and soccer stadiums when they can.

From a marketing and PR view, its a very interesting, if not risky, concept and roll out. They have been doing a very good job so far and lacrosse community is excited about it. It has a feel like the X games when it first got hot.

Congratulations Coach Kolon! Can't wait to see Atlas play. Oh yeah, Atlas was a Titan!
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